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Welcome to American School of Dog ObedienceWhy choose the American School of Dog Obedience?
The A.S.D.O. was founded in 1971 by Harlan Broat, author of the nationally distributed text “Group Training for Dogs” and talk show host of the former radio talk show, “ Dog Talk,” on station KIEV in Glendale, California.

Mr. Broat has developed and utilized his unique and very effective methodology in the comprehensive obedience training of an estimated 30,000 dogs. He has also conducted group training classes for Recreation and Parks Department in five cities and in separate YMCA’s in the Southern California area.

Recognizing the need for a gentle method of obedience training based upon developing the dog’s innate and willing recognition of its owner as its leader, much the same as it would do naturally in a pack, the Harlan Broat method of dog obedience training does not rely on “punishment/reward”  or "clicker and treat" systems of training. Instead, by instilling in each animal the respect for its owner as being the dog’s leader combined with the owner’s love and praise for correct behavior, the dogs willingly and lovingly obey without being physically abused. We refer to this method as “Canine Communication” since the owner is actually communicating with the animal in a manner easily recognized by the dog. The dog instantly recognizes the communication and reacts in an appropriate manner.

Welcome to American School of Dog ObedienceThe results obtained utilizing the Harlan Broat method are virtually immediate as opposed to the characteristically slow progress demonstrated by most animals enrolled in more traditional training environments. Immediate results eliminate the frustration often felt by owners and animals alike during the early stages of training, making the entire experience enjoyable by both.

“Training can be a productive and enjoyable experience for every dog using the gentle American School of Dog Obedience (ASDO) training method.” HARLAN BROAT, FOUNDER

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" We will train your dog to be a calmer, well-mannered and more obedient companion"

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